“Brutalism celebrated” http://thisbrutalhouse.com/

Saw this website via a tweet from @creativereview (give them a look).

Graphic designer Peter Chadwick has put together a website celebrating “Brutalism”, an architectural style typical in post-war European cities. Think the Barbican and Elephant & Castle in London, and the Parc Del Forum in Barcelona.

It looks like it’s in it’s early days, and will be added to shortly, but looks to be a good look at a stark style that a lot of us see in our day-to-day in the city.



“The Opposite of Kitsch” blog

Here’s a great blog keeping a photo record of ‘unremarkable’ moments, mostly in Baltimore.

I guess these supposed unremarkable moments make up the day-to-day and can represent a great deal. That’s why I think I dig the photos anyway.


See the blog here


“Mogwai – Les Revenants” Soundtrack

I’m a bit slow on to this one, but Mogwai have done an incredible soundtrack for the fully badass, fully creepy, The Returned – set in an Alpine village in France.

Some of the tracks are just great shoe-gaze tracks in their own right.

Check it, here